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GalaXynth is a Workstation Synth from the future. With this baby, you’re done fiddling with neverending rows of knobs. Find the sound you need ASAP, stop messing around, start making music. Here’s a quick overview of features:

  • Highly advanced “Auditory Synthesis”, modeled after the human ear, capable of producing almost any sound
  • Over a hundred included instruments
  • Browse sounds in a natural way in a 2D map
  • Mix and morph any combination of instruments
  • Tweak your sound with intuitive performance knobs
  • Binaural modeling for “3D Sound”
  • Refine your sound with 7 high quality effects
  • Minimal cpu load and install size, no loading times
  • Get more sounds from a growing library of soundbanks


The following tracks are all made with 100% GalaXynth — every sound and every effect is from GalaXynth, with no editing (just some peak limiting on the master).


Download the full plugin below. Until you register, it will run in demo mode, which is fully functional — except for some nagging!

Prefer an older version? They are all here.


GalaXynth is expandable using extra soundbanks. Get these below, and install by selecting “add soundbank” from the SOUNDS menu, or drag .gxbank files onto the UI.

Pop Stars Vol. 1 – digital recreations of familiar voices     download

Future House – the modern european jackin’ house sound     download

Classic.FM – Japanese 80’s keyboard sounds     download

Neon Dreams – Power 80’s cinematic sci-fi sounds     download


We are partnering with FastSpring to provide safe and convenient purchasing. Within minutes of completing the transaction, you will be emailed a license file which you can use to register GalaXynth on all of your computers. Note: please install the demo first and see that it runs fine on your setup BEFORE purchasing.
Now hurry and get this epic masterpiece for only $99 / €89 / £79 !!!


Click here to view or download the Galaxynth Manual as pdf


Where can I tell you guys how much I love GalaXynth, ask for features, etc?
We have a facebook page, press like to get updates or/and get in touch there!
What is Auditory Synthesis, really?
We humans don’t hear sounds directly — we can’t hear the shape of a waveform, for example. The inner ear, brainstem and cortex has intricate neural processing that make us aware of particular descriptive statistics of sound, while other properties are discarded as irrelevant for perception. This is why, for example, two white noise bursts sound identical although their waveforms are completely uncorrelated. To learn more, I recommend this book. Auditory Synthesis is an attempt to reverse engineer the hearing system, to create waveforms that match a certain set of descriptive statistics. This is similar to how audio codecs such as mp3, mp4 and Ogg Vorbis work.
What does the life knob do?
It controls the amount of modulation, unsteadiness and dissonance in your sound, all in one go. Pull it to the bottom and notice that all sounds become kinda flat…
Can’t I map midi CCs to knobs?
Not currently. Personally I prefer to use Ableton’s midi mapping feature, and I’m sure other hosts have something similar. But if enough people ask for it I might put it in…
Can I import samples of my own?
Nope, sorry. There are no samples in GalaXynth, and the sound creation process is quite intricate. We do take requests for soundbanks though, head to our fb page and let us know!