svante in deep concentration
svante in deep concentration

The Heart of Noise is the professional outfit of Digital Audio Expert Svantana (aka Svante Stadler). When not working on his Grand Unified Theory of Sound (GUTS), he will gladly assist you in making your web and software solutions make beautiful noise. For example:

Work / Clients

Catterbox – we made this talking cat collar in collab with WeDo — ridiculous but also totally amazing!

Pacemaker – we masterminded their revolutionary auto-mixing tech
B-Reel – we helped out with the audiovisual tech behind the mind-blowing “Midwinter Light-up” project

Auxy – we made the synth engine for their awesome mobile DAW
Pacemaker – iPad DJ App – audio effects, music analysis and more
State Interactive – musical speech synthesis for ad campaign

Mellotron – the official iOS version (all of it – coding, graphics, audio etc)
Abba The Museum – work on their karaoke kiosks
MusicMyne – music remixing for fans, developed for iPad
Plan8 – server side mixing & rendering of audio files

Adtoox – automatic stereo-to-surround sound upmixing utility
WeDo – Arduino-controlled musical loop machine thingy
Numerical Sound – DSP and plugin development for Reason
G-Force Software – porting of synth plugins to Reason
Propellerhead Software – 3rd party integration for Reason

SingBox Apps – music games for iOS
Acne Digital – web application (unreleased)
(undisclosed client) – iOS game development (TBA?)

Robyn – “We Dance To The Beat” Interactive Beat Machine
Acne Digitalblistjarna.se Auto-tuning project

Previous Experience

Researcher at the Sound and Image Processing Lab, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Licentiate Thesis: Probabilistic Models of Hearing (pdf, abstract)
Research Topic: Acoustic Signal Processing

Audio software developer at Popwire (now Telestream)

Teacher in Hearing Sciences at Karolinska Institutet

Master of Science in Engineering Physics (Civilingenj├Âr i Teknisk Fysik) from KTH

Contact us

email: info (at) heartofnoise.com
phone: +46 70 721 22 65
address: Marmorgatan 5, SE-118 67 Stockholm (google maps)