Auto-tuning for Acne Digital

I’ve been busy for two months working with the digital production company Acne Digital (only slightly related to the clothes brand). It is a campaign site for Radiotjänst*, where you become the star of a music video. Of course, no modern pop music video is complete without heavy vocal processing including Auto-Tuning, and that is what I have provided in this case.

The vocal processor is written from scratch in c++ and includes auto-tuning, filter-distortion-tempo-delay, and a multiband normalizer/compressor. Initially, I wrote a command line VST host to run 3rd party tuners (Antares, Yamaha, etc), but they turned out to sound bad for regular speech input, because they are designed for singing voice, which is more periodic and predictable. My tuner is superior because it can find the globally optimal pitch track using dynamic programming.

Go here to make your own silly music video, and click here to watch mine on the original site.

*Footnote: For our foreign readers, Radiotjänst is the agency that collects funds for Swedish public service media. In this campaign, you’re told you’re a star for paying the fee (basically because it’s easy to avoid paying, by just saying that you don’t own a TV set).